Family Lawyers in Liverpool

JT Legal Practice in Liverpool specialises in overseeing family law cases across Sydney. Our approach is one that is sensitive and respectful to the delicate nature of family law disputes. We also aim to mediate and collaborative with the other party wherever possible.

How We Can Help

  • Property and financial settlements
  • Mediation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Divorce matters
  • Binding fiscal agreements
  • Child custody matters
  • Intervention orders

If Initial Agreement is Not Made

If we cannot reach an agreement that’s beneficial to everyone, we will then deal with the case through the Family Courts. Throughout the entire process, you’ll be kept up to date, and all your questions promptly answered.



You’re never in the dark and can focus on what matters in life.

We Are Understanding


We offer dependable advice and support.

We Support You

We Support You

We offer expert legal assistance throughout your challenges.

We Are Patient

We Are Patient

We know that our support is invaluable, which is why we’re always understanding.

JT Legal PracticeFor more on our family law services, call 02 9602 8883

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